Preparing For Your Interview

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Interviewing is a scary process, and it's normal to be nervous before the big day. However, being nervous is no excuse to go into an interview unprepared. One of the fastest ways to lose a job is to be unprepared during the interview. Here are some tips on how to improve your interviewing skills and be ready for anything that potential employers throw at you.

Look Up Commonly Asked Questions

There are a few standard interview questions that get asked at almost every interview. Questions like "what are you strengths/weaknesses", "tell me about yourself", and "what would you bring to the company" are commonly asked questions. Look up other common questions and prepare answers in advance so you can answer smoothly at the interview.

Practice with a Friend

If you are feeling nervous or if you have trouble talking to strangers, see if you can get family or friends to help you with a mock-interview. Have them ask you some of the common interview questions and to explain your education and work history. Getting a practice round out of the way can help you calm some of those nerves before the big day. Just don't get distracted!

Get Mentally Prepared

Going into an interview while you are distracted or thinking about something else comes across as disinterested to employers. They can tell if you aren't focused on the interview at hand. Spend some time before the interview going over your resume and thinking about the type of questions they might ask you. Get in the right headspace to show potential employers that you take this interview seriously.

Don't Panic

The worst thing you can do at an interview is panic. If you get a question you aren't expecting or are thrown by the process, take a deep breath and push forward. Asking for a question to be repeated or rephrased is much better than stumbling through an answer that the interviewer didn't want to hear. Keeping calm and staying positive is the best way to impress during the interview. 

Interviewing can be a uncertain process. Going in prepared is the best way to stand out to potential employers. Are you looking for a job? Click on the link below to view the open job positions at Northern Staffing.


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