02.3.2020 | Job Performance

Keep your head in the right space during hard days on the job, read on...

Don't let a bad day at work crush your spirits.

08.12.2019 | Success, hire in

Back again to celebrate our July hire in. Congratulations to Kaleb Valdez for getting hired in at his employer! He worked hard, showed how valuable he can be to them, and they were happy to have him permanently join their team! Way to go, Kaleb....

06.12.2019 | Hired In, Success

Here at Northern Staffing Services, we pride ourselves on our success rate of placing people in placements that they enjoy, that are a great fit for them, and that can help them reach their full potential as an employee. 

04.25.2019 | Interviewing

Interviewing is a scary process, and it's normal to be nervous before the big day. However, being nervous is no excuse to go into an interview unprepared. One of the fastest ways to lose a job is to be unprepared during the interview. Here are...

04.25.2019 | Resume

Creating a resume is an important part of the employment process. A good resume will highlight your skills and work experience without going overboard or not having enough details. Your resume is the first thing potential employers will see of...

Interviewing involves more than just having a solid resume. Making a good impression on a potential employer can be the difference between getting hired, or getting overlooked. Here are some tips that you can use to help improve your interview...

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